Fury warrior - Bad trinket ranking

Why is the worst trinket - Might of Crosus considered the best in slot for Fury Warriors? Only 1.9% fury warriors wear this item https://www.warcraftlogs.com/statistics/11#class=Warrior&spec=Fury&combatantinfo=Trinkets . There is only two BIS trinkets - Draught of Souls and Convergence of Fates, which has a good synergy with battlecries relics.

You should create a custom gearing strategy, since the ranking of trinkets depends heavily on your own gear. We are working on new “default” gearing strategies that will automatically adjust to people’s gear to a large extent, but those aren’t done yet. They will be ready before ToS.

The value of Convergence of Fates is heavily variable depending on fight length.

For a single target fight, Might of Krosus actually is a better trinket than Convergence of Fates. Juggling two on-use trinkets optimally can be tricky, though. We built some robust logic into the simulator for this case specifically, which is why we are able to determine that Might of Krosus + DoS is actually a better combo than CoF + DoS. It’s easier to only use one on-use trinket, though, so most people go with that. For certain fight lengths, the two trinket combos are very close in value, so you wouldn’t notice in-game, and it’s easier to just use the one on use trinket.

Hey bro if you got COF use this for dps check :slight_smile: