Fury Warrior Changes

There have been very significant changes in the default stats for fury warrior recently. It is now dictating completely different gear goals, that will take time for my character to achieve. Could you please tell me if this is in error or a result of a correction, before I invest the time?

I’d be interested in what changes you’re noticing, as I have one - can you link a datastring, to replicate your findings, please?

I can’t link the previous weights. Haste and Mastery were almost overlapping. Crit and Vers were close behind. Haste has now jumped way ahead of the pack, with Mastery in a clear second. Crit and Vers have fallen way back behind Mastery. My best in bags has completely changed since just a few days ago, as a result. This is using the Adaptive Single Target strategy. I am curious because the weights have been unchanged for quite a long time, and now seems radically different.

Has the gear available to you changed? Like, did you get some set items, high ilvl items, new legendary item, etc? That could push you into a different set of desired stats.

I did make some improvements to the fury simulations. There is a possibility that those changes would put a little more emphasis on haste.

Also note that fury is an interesting optimization case. T21 4pc with bloodbath is optimal in general, but t20 4pc with inner rage is also very strong. You have to switch your talents to have the optimizer pick the appropriate gear.

My gear hadn’t changed at all. I received a trinket in my bag and wanted to evaluate it with best in bags. Prior to this, the best in bags feature liked my current gear. However, on this occasion it was telling me to swap all kinds of gear. That is when I noticed the stat range changes. If this was intended, then I am ok with it. I just didn’t want to start rearranging everything, to eventually find out that I had to transition back again. It is significant enough that I need to start rolling for different items in raids.