Fury Warrior Issues

Seem to just be getting 2 handers as recommendations via the gear upgrader:

…cant put more than one image in a post for some unknown reason…

Also best in slot seems to rate this mace insanely high?

Appreciate the hard work folks, really looking forward to having this tool up and running with classic :slight_smile:

Can you use the “help” link and post the snapshot id?

I thought we had fixed the ranking of that bashguuder, so not sure what’s making it pop back up there again.

No problem, here it is:


Picture of it rating some blue 2handers above double deathbringers with Expert Goldminer’s Helmet (helm might have been missed?):

yeah… something is going haywire here. No idea what’s up - when I test it I’m not even seeing what you are, it’s just all over the place. I’ll investigate more tomorrow and figure it out!

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Aye getting some really odd results when i change the timings to 2 minute fights for BiB

Seems to think my Typhoon with a bunch of resist gear is the way forward :sweat_smile:

I found the problems and we’ll do an update tonight with the fixes.

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