Fury warrior missing conditionals

I was looking at the guide for fury warrior and noticed some things in the rotation.

  • (10) Furious Slash, the desciption could clarify that you should have 3 stacks. “If the Furioush Slash haste buff is below 3 stacks or about to fall of”
  • (17) Rampage (with Carnage talent), could clarify that you should also use if Recklessness is up.
  • (18) Memory of Lucid Dreams does not have the conditional to only show when that major essence is equipped.
  • (24) Dragon Roar does not have correct conditional to only show when talent is selected
  • (37) Furious Slash as a single target filler does not have conditional to only show when that talent is chosen.

None of these issues would have an effect on the simulation, I’m just reporting them as I found them problematic when trying to get a good idea of what mr robot does for fury warriors. Hope you find this helpful :slight_smile:

I can add in those missing conditionals to clean up the guide view, no problem.

For (10) Furious Slash, the rotation logic will use Furious Slash if it is about to drop or isn’t up at all. It won’t try to stack it again if other actions are available and at least one stack of the buff is up. My tests show that preemptively stacking it isn’t quite as good as putting up one stack and then proceeding to normal rotation and wait to stack until you need a filler. (especially on fights where you lust on pull)

That’s why the note doesn’t say to use it there if the buff has less than 3 stacks.

It appears I misread the condition for it. My apologies! But that’s interesting!