Fury Warrior - Slam spec

I noticed, that Slam do not change score. Can you add Slam to rotation, if we spend points on Imp. Slam in Fury tree? It’s mostly for 2H Fury Warriors, that haven’t access to Windfury Totem.

Main differences in rotation are:

  • Whirlwind with good 2H doing more damage/rage, but still ~1500 AP Bloodthirst should do more damage per cast.
  • Slam is default rage spend instead of Heroic Strike (the best moment to use it is just after land of white attack from auto attack)
  • Slam reset swing timer

Execute > Whirlwind* > Bloodthirst > Slam > Heroic Strike/Cleave

If you ask why even 2H for Fury :smiley:
Some warriors use that build, because loot distribution is very unfavorable for Warriors. Rare loot from bosses, overpopulated class and quite good dps encourage to play 2H.

I already have the optimizer set up to use Slam if you have a 2 handed weapon equipped.

I can play around with the code a bit to get more value from improved slam, but the optimizer should be recommending pretty well for this build right now. I’ll see if I can do a comparison for the current character on whether whirlwind or bloodthirst is a better use of rage and adjust accordingly.