Fury Warrior WOTLK Classic - Critical Strike issue


AMR has recommended stacking a serious amount of critical strike (57.79%) and I’m not sure why. It has even recommended dropping Grim Toll and use Loatheb’s Shadow with Mirror of Truth.

I’ve ran this setup through a simulation and it’s a pretty big DPS loss.

Just checking if anyone could shed some light on this. Perhaps I’m using AMR incorrectly?


How big is big? And what kind of assumptions are being made by this simulation? Fight type, length, number of targets, buffs, debuffs, consumables… is it a straight training dummy simulation or does it have movement, etc?

I ask because it can be difficult to compare theoretical models without knowing more about each model.

Critical strike will never be a bad stat for Fury… I can’t see how swapping some other good stats for another good stat would ever be a “big” loss… and we’re not talking a huge shift from your currently equipped gear, it’s gaining 5-6% crit at the expense of some other stats, not going from like 30% to 60% crit or something huge like that.

Apologies, when I adjusted the simulation again, it wasn’t a huge DPS loss persay, it was around 50DPS. I’m not sure what I did wrong before.

The simulation is on a Patchwerk style simulation fully buffed, flasked up and all of the debuffs on the target. It was just odd seeing so much critical strike and using lower iLVL items such as nesingwary rather than gemming for strength.

Yeah 50 DPS… that’s probably less than 1%? Once you get into margins that small, it can be tough to say for certain which setup is better.

The trinket swap is a really tiny difference – if you lock in Grim Toll you’ll see that the score is barely different, so use whichever feels better in-game. The scoring function probably prefers swapping it out because hit over the 8% soft cap is generally a less valuable stat than others. Looks like it swaps out another item with a lot of hit for a similar reason (legs, which also picks up an extra socket to make up for the ilvl difference some).

I also played around and e.g. locked in a bunch of strength gems – also barely changed the score. It’s probably right on the edge where gemming for crit or strength is roughly equal, so you could do it to taste.

Nessingwary 4000 seems like an odd choice but with the big chunk of extra AP and the socket to let you pick the extra stat, it actually works out as a good offensive choice.

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I find this to be an issue for me as well; it wants to use way lower lvl weps (i.e Nessingwary vs Deliverance or Death’s Bite vs Abaddon) and it’s all crit gems. When I SIM this vs using higher lvl weps and gemming for STR, I get a big DPS loss.

Post an example and we can take a look. Provide a snapshot via the “help” link next to the big Best in Bags or Best in Slot section header and then press “create support post” on the popup.

Also what is a “big” DPS loss? I find people say that about < 1% differences sometimes, so I need a bit more context.