Future Phase Items Not Being Filtered

Can you guys set a filter for future phases? There are items (Draconic Infused Emblem <Phase 5>) from Drakk in URBS being shown whenever I hit the upgrade finder, however we are only @ Phase 3.

The same happens when I click on Best in Slot, even after selecting Phase 3, there are Phase 4 and above being displayed.

ID: c29d10d9234e4c238ef92b112bd5e455

We tried to set the phase on items using whatever information we could find online.

If you see particular items that are not filtered properly, could you let us know which specific items (full name and/or ID) and which phase you think they should be tied to?

So far you said Draconic Infused Emblem won’t be available until phase 5?

I will try to make a list of all items and post as soon as possible. :slight_smile:

Awesome! Appreciate the help – chasing down all the source information and phases hasn’t been easy.

So I used Wowhead in order to filter the main items from dungeons.

Below are all items that will be introduced in Phase 4+.

#1 Blackrock Depths
#2 Blackrock Spire
#3 Dire Maul
#4 Scholomance
#5 Stratholme

#1 Blacksmith
#2 Engineering
#3 Leatherworking
#4 Tailoring

#1 Quests

I think this should help for the time being :slight_smile:

I’ll take a look at these – but it was also my understanding that some of these items were added right away rather than waiting for the historical patch to which they were associated. So we’ll have to try and verify this information.

@renrico I’m looking into the item source data. I have some proof that items are dropping that are listed as P5 on wowhead, but Blizzard said they’d be available in P1. For example, soot encrusted footpads, someone sent me information that their character has that item. I have this for several other p5 catchup items.

So we have all of those items listed as P1.

And then there is this thread, which is confusing to me. It seems like the sources are conflicting, saying catchup won’t be available until p5, and others saying it will be p1. That or I’m tired and my reading comprehension is shot.

If anyone has more information or proof these do / don’t drop, let me know (hard to prove they don’t drop, but you never know if there is another blue post out there somewhere).