Gavel of the First Arbiter

BiB is telling me that a 272 Gavel is SIGNIFICANTLY worse than 265 Rift-Scarred Solcrusher. This made very little sense, so I ran a simulation and found that the Gavel’s special effects didn’t show in the sim results at all. Is this intended functionality?

With the four different effects and the clunky nature of having to change targets and use a GCD, seems like it would be a weird/difficult thing to code for… but would be helpful to maybe have some sort of “average damage increase” added on to sim results to more closely approximate reality.

I was looking into that recently too, the use is not included in default rotations and if you look into the references, Gavel of the First Arbiter is in there but there is a comment saying “TODO: Not yet implemented”.

Based on other sims I’ve done (with simc), a 272 Gavel is about ~400dps more than a 278 weapon on my character (paladin retribution). It is a bit more tricky to use, as you have to waste a gcd to kill the soul and proc the good buff for aoe/single target situations. But it would be an big upgrade in any situation.

Yeah, I forgot to come back to this one - I’ll look into it. It wasn’t available for testing on the PTR before the patch so I couldn’t implement it until I got some logs to look at.

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Thanks Fam! Good to know it’s not user error. :slight_smile: Happy to hear it’s in the pipeline. :smiley:

I put this into the simulator today - we can post an update with some numbers in the optimizer in the next day or two.

It works, it works! Thanks team.