Gear check cannot see brewmaster dual-wielding weapons


Shadowlands enabled brewmasters to dual-wield again. However, when i import my data from addon and try to do gear check - my weapons slots just left blank.

I bought myself a white two-handed staff just to be sure and gear check saw it w/o problem.

Didn’t check windwalker with two-handed tho, so you maybe want to check this too

Yeah we allowed 2H for windwalker for now… but honestly, using 2H with windwalker or dual-wield with brewmaster is not a good idea. They didn’t add anything to actually make it competitive with the “normal” weapon setups as far as I can tell. We’ll keep an eye on it as the Shadowlands beta progresses.

The other ones they added are also pretty weak. Two-handed frost DKs are not a good idea, as it is right now you’ll almost always do way less damage than dual-wielding. Single-minded fury isn’t very good either, though that one is at least not as terrible as 2H frost DK.