Gear Check Filter finding items

Using the gear check feature and trying to compare items. However, when I try to type in the name of a piece of gear into the search it does not find it at all, but it does find that same equipment if I equip it and use the addon to upload the character. I has happened multiple 300s and 310s of different types.

I am aware many items are not automatically due to them being (mostly) not cared about, but is this supposed to affect the search function as well?

The search only searches through our list of items that we have indexed as relevant to max-level characters, not all possible items. Doing so lets us greatly improve the speed of the site, and after another couple weeks, most people won’t be that interested in the lower-level stuff.

Thanks for the response, I did not understand that this extended to searches and not just what was automatically listed. Makes sense why you all did that, although it is too bad it was necessary.