Gear Check not working correctly

Data extract from Gear check incomplete:
96;EU;Dragonblight;Hummingbird;The Wrath;5;1;60;10:100,4:115;1;.s1;13;1212123;1;2.0.0,1.34.1,1.0.0,2.26.1,1.0.0,2.48.1,1.45.1,1.0.0;.q1;173069s14t231;78s2t232x173128;100s3t233;5586s10t234e6205;2346s7t235;232s1t236;48s13t237;172s17t238;1348s8t239e2;17s9t240e13;8s6t241;30s15t242e-18;1s12t243e-36;1748s11t244e0;3s5t245e64;12s16t246e-2@AMR Arcane@AMR Arcane@e\6205\172406\309524\Gather\172230=3@e\6207\177661\323609\Fall\172230=3@e\6220\172415\309609\15 Intellect\172232=1,172231=2@e\6202\172410\309528\Speed\172231=2,172230=4@e\6166\172362\309617\16 Haste\172231=3@e\6230\177962\324773\Stats\172232=1,172231=2@e\6228\172368\309623\Sinful\172232=2,172231=3
Ends here incomplete, also gear check indicates a potential 1.91% increase in DPS but does not suggest how? Help

Press the “help” link next to the big “Gear Check” header, then click “Create Support Post”, and copy the generated snapshot ID here. With that we can look more closely at your setup.

Snapshot ID is:

Problem: Data string incomplete when copied from Gear Check, when I try to import back into the addon in WoW I am told its missing a “$” sign at the end, also it seems like a huge chunk of data is missing?

Update: The gear check now indicated that a 0.02% improvement in DPS is possible by changing gem and enchants. Seems like it is okay now but still, unable to copy and paste the full string back to WoW addon still ends on “172231=3”

Yeah that’s fine – there is some extra data when you copy it back to the addon. Do you have the latest version of the addon installed? Version 96 is the latest as of this post.

Have update the addon version 96 which indicated it was uploaded 2 days ago, also reloaded the web site Ask Mr. Robot so everything as far as I am aware is up to date. Loaded the data from the WoW addon that showed no different result on best in gear, then did the gear check again no different than the 0.02% before, tried the copy and paste again but still shows “172231=3” at the end of the string so no change. Hope that helps? Merry Xmas and a good New Year btw

Yeah that string format is fine – that extra data is concatenated onto the end of the normal string (there is a section book-ended by dollar signs, then some extra information after that). I am able to import such a string with no problems.

What is the specific error message that you are getting from the in-game addon?

Sorted now and thanks for your help, think it was just me being stupid :smiley: It works fine now. Happy New Year