Gear Check vs. BiS %s

Quick question! I noticed that with the exact same settings (in my case Raid Tanking for full Offense), I am seeing dramatically different percentage comparison between gear when I use the Gear Check tool versus the Best in Slot tool. Here are two examples.

Gear Check


Am I missing something? Are these tools accounting for different things? Is one of them not up to date? Upon first consideration, my thought was that BiS, despite having an upgraded tooltip for Echoing Void is still calculating the old values? But I’m no expert.


They use all the same optimization code, so should give similar results.

If you press the “help” link next to the big section header for Best in Slot, then press Create Support Post, and copy the generated snapshot ID here, I can try out your setup and see what’s up.

a832871f197c4d4186e3f1e109dd5811 for BiS

3ac706782aca4936a7b98be6c9a3f148 for Gear Check

Thanks a bunch!

Yeah something went a little wacky there on Best in Slot… those numbers look way too high. I’ll look at it and try to fix it up in an update today or tomorrow.

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Note: in general the numbers on Gear Check and Best in Slot will not be exactly the same though, unless you manage to get Best in Slot to produce the same exact set of gear as the one you have currently equipped.

I see. That’s fair. My assumption was that I could just the % changes between individual items.