Gear Explorer shows "+20.00%" on every item?

Hi there,

since a couple of days ago, when clicking on any item in Gear Explorer or Best In Bags, AMR brings up a list of comparable items as usual, BUT instead of the “+” or “-” numbers next to the item name (evaluating the exchange of the resp. item), there’s always “+20.00%” ! What gives?

Thanks for your help in advance as always!

I would need more specifics to help with this. We changed the scores from an absolute number to a % upgrade. I definitely don’t see the same number next to every item, though.

Are you using a custom gearing strategy?

I am having the same issue. Regardless of whether the gear is better or worse than my currently equipped item, it shows +20% on everything. I am using custom weights. I have attached a screenshot as an example:

I also get this error whenever I try to edit my weights, but the weights appear to be intact (sorry for double post, can only put one image per post for new users):

I wasn’t sure if the two issues are inter-related, but figured I would mention it just in case. :slight_smile:

Could you give us a link to your custom strategy?

Here you go! Not Available

That worked!! Thank you :slight_smile:

I see - you are using an old gearing strategy. If you want to use some custom weights like this, load up the default strategy and use the view/edit button to create them again. We made some large updates to the site that caused older gearing strategies to be incompatible. Sorry about that!