Gear Explorer Weirdness

Why is the gear explorer telling me that much worse gear is an upgrade? For example, as a bear tank, I’m currently wearing a Nightborne Battle-Magus Hood that is ilvl 920 and has 337 armor, +2614 agility, +3922 stamina, +776 mastery, and +1005 versatility. The gear explorer is telling me that the best upgrade is Wail of Unseen Strikes (+48.28%). It’s stats are ilvl 865, 281 armor, +1566 agility, +2349 stamina, +942 mastery, and +507 versatility.

All of the item slots are showing me worse gear than what I’m wearing too. Things were working fine for me about a month or so ago.

Tanks pose a unique problem for gear optimization - we’re still working out some of the kinks.

You will see some better results if you use the “blender” option on the gearing strategy. This lets you tell the optimizer to gear for DPS once you have so much toughness that you won’t die. Those weird gear suggestions occur because you just can’t die for the content the gearing strategy was made for, which makes the the gear you put on essentially not matter, so it gets confused.

We have a fix for the tank strategies coming soon, but the blender might help you get around it for now. If you search for blender in the forum you’ll find a tutorial.

Thanks. I’ll check it out.