Gear ilvl not available

I have a 7th Legionnaire Skullcleaver @ 430 ilvl and I have only the option for 380 even AFTER setting loot for M+10 Please help

Could you describe to me in more detail what you are trying to do? Which feature are you using?

Also, that is not a dungeon drop, so the Mythic+ options would not modify it.

I remember seeing a similar post a couple days ago, can’t find it again though. :confused:

As far as I can tell, weapons rewarded by emissary chests (i.e. Kul Tiran Weapons Cache, 7th Legion Equipment Cache, Zandalari Weapons Cache, and Honorbound Equipment Cache) seem to be missing completely from the upgrade finder option “Emissary Caches”.

When selecting items for Best In Slot, those weapons only show up at their base item level (i.e. 280 for zone-specific weapons and 340/355/370 for the 7th Legion/Honorbound items) as they generally are rewards from basic world quests, Arathi Highlands rares and Warfronts. Due to the fact that weapons can only warforge up to +10 item levels it’s impossible to manually scale those up further.

OP’s 7th Legionnaire Skullcleaver for example is one of the items available from normal Warfronts and Invasions at item level 370 but is also available from the once per warfront quest reward at item level 430. Currently there seems to be no way to select that item level for Best in Slot and the once per warfront reward filter for the upgrade finder seems to be missing the heroic warfront item level, i.e. 430.

As OP already owns one of those items, at least that specific item should be showing up for BiB so there could very well be something else in addition to the issues above. For that you’d obviously need more info from OP though.

Similarly, the 430 azerite headpieces from operation mechagon hard mode seem to be only available at ilvl 415 on AMR. These are the headpieces with the Person-Computer Interface trait. As they are azerite pieces, there is no option to “titanforge” them to 430 in the simulator. The trait itself is practically just a flat amount of stats, so it’s easy to sim its effect, but it would be more convenient if the correct ilvl was directly selectable.