Gear List Filtering Guide

Many places on the website give you a textbox that you can use to quickly filter a list of items. This is a reference for all of the handy searches that you can do.


  1. You can type any number of search terms separated by commas. For an item to be shown, it must match all of your search terms. For example, if you type “crit,haste” it will find only items that have both crit and haste.
  2. Search terms are checked against multiple properties of the item – if the term is found in any property, it is considered a match. For example, if you type “head”, it will match any item with “head” in its name, any item for the “head” slot, any item that drops from a source with “head” in the text, etc.
  3. Searches are not case sensitive, no need to capitalize.
  4. It filters automatically as you type, you do not need to press enter or anything.

Searchable Fields

Your search text can match any of the following fields of an item:

  • Name (in English)
  • ID (most items have a 5-6 digit ID)
  • Title (like titanforged or season 2, shows up as green text on the tooltip)
  • Difficulty (heroic, mythic, etc.)
  • Slot (head, chest, etc.)
  • Drop Location (as seen on the tooltips on our website)
  • Azerite trait name (name of any azerite trait on the item)
  • Stats (crit, haste, mastery, etc.)
  • Enchant string (for enchants and gems, e.g. “+30 haste” is the enchant string for a gem)

Special Searches

There are a few convenient special searches that you can use in addition to text matching on the fields above.

  • sets any item with a set bonus
  • uncommon, rare, epic, legendary any item with this quality
  • raid any item that drops in a raid
  • dungeon any item that drops in a 5-man dungeon
  • weapon any weapon
  • socket any item with a socket
  • pvp any PvP item
  • special any item with a special effect (e.g. trinkets), but not azerite items
  • statstick any item that does not have a special effect, set bonus, or azerite traits
  • azerite or azt any azerite item
  • boe any Bind on Equip item
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