Gear listings in Upgrade finder observation/question (10.2)

So I was digging around in Upgrade Finder for the new season, and I noticed gear listing between the Adventure Guide in WoW and the Upgrade Finder not agreeing sometimes. And I was just wondering the cause, if the flaw in the data is on the Adventure Journal side or the Upgrade Finder side of things?

Mythic+ loot for Black Rook Hold - Holy Priest

Upgrade Finder lists 3 back pieces for Holy Priest from BRH

  • Cloak of Unwavering Loyalty
  • Drape of the Raven Lord
  • Shadowfeather Shawl

However, in the Adventure Journal in WoW for the same Holy Priest it only lists 1 of these

  • Shadowfeather Shawl

Just out of curiosity I also looked at WoWHead for all 3 of these cloaks, and it does list them as drops in BRH. However, only the Shadowfeather Shawl has listings for Mythic+ 2 though 20.

So I am wondering if the Cloak of Unwavering Loyalty and Drape of the Raven Lord are not actually on the Mythic+ loot tables in 10.2? These items are also found on the BiS list, but they probably run from the same database tables so that would make sense.

I found this when I was trying to make a calculator for the drop % chance of getting loot from each different dungeon, which ones had the highest % chance to drop an item my group wanted from the BiS list.

I’ll take a look today – with the older dungeons that they revamp it can be difficult from just PTR data to determine which items will actually drop when it goes into the M+ rotation.

We just posted an update that should make the drop lists for older M+ dungeons match what the in-game journal is showing now. Whether that’s actually what drops… I can’t say for certain, but it is probable.

Thanks, and that makes perfect sense :slight_smile: Especially working with PTR data.

Here is an example of the type of calculator I make based on some of the data, to show which dungeons have the highest % chance to drop something useful for the group. Makes a pretty easy plan to see which keys we should run.