Gear optimiser stopping a item been used in the bib

I am looking for a way to stop the leggy chest for WW monk been included in my Best in bag optimiser. I know you can lock items in but I have quite afew leggys and I would like to see whats optimal not including the chest since the style of play using it is horrible.

There is not a way to exclude one particular item right now.

The legendary chest has such good stats, that the mediocre on-use effect is acceptable as far as damage goes. Unless you have boots/wrist - it will probably end up being your next best legendary item. It took some getting used to, but I actually found there were a lot of good uses for the buffed CJL. Examples would be like when you have to go hide behind a pillar on Goroth, you can use that time to channel CJL and not lose damage.

Thanks for the reply, I am currently using boots/wrists but I just thought it would be good to see since I got the new head today.