Gear place in bags goes to first bag

Is it a bug that when you are using then addon to change spec and gear, it will put the gear that is taking off and put that in the first bag and not where the other gear was.

If I use the equipment manager under character the gear just replaces with the gear that is used in the other spec. So the gear stays on the same spot always.

It’s on the list to add some extra code to make sure items return to where they came from… but it is actually pretty difficult to do.

The provided API for addons to swap gear in and out in WoW is extremely lacking and difficult to use. This current version gets around a lot of issues from the Legion and earlier version, but has the side effect of sometimes moving gear in your bags. When we get some more time we’ll circle back and improve on that.

I usually just use the built-in clean-up feature on my bags before i go searching for something anyway – it is pretty fast and reliably sorts stuff.

its only because i use the addon to change my spec and equip my gear because thats way faster.
But the problem is that the gear get messed up in the bags.
I’ll wait for a future update to the addon.
Thanks for the answer :smile: