Gear profiles Suggestion or i may have it wrong lol HELP lol


First time poster, i would like to see if something is possible and i am hoping it maybe a simple solution for you guys at amr to code in. is there a way to white list gear sets so its not pulled up in another set for example DH has havoc and Vengence i would like to have to completly different sets of gear but the addon is pulling is suggesting i keep switching gems and enchants rather then building a completly new set seperate from the havoc set. Are you able to have a tick box to ignore gear in another set?

It already does this but you will have to make a choice about which spec gets the top choice.
That’s how I’ve got my rogue set up, not that I ever get past the top three options.
For each setup you can specify the talents, which major essence and the thresholds for enchants/gems/traits.

It will still choose azerite gear from the top spec, with the wrong traits, if that piece is better than your next best option with the right traits.

If you’re still having trouble paste your addon export, from WoW, into a reply and we can recreate what you’re seeing. Let us know which order and gearing strategy your specs are set up too.

yeah thats the issue you cant say oh hey dont touch this piece of gear azerite or not im looking at 100% completely different armor not reuse the same piece in two different sets

If you set a piece that you want to use in your 2nd/lower priority spec to locked, then it shouldn’t try adding it to your main spec (Unless its still a better upgrade for the main spec, in which case you’ll have to lock the piece you want to use on your main spec instead)

It can be a little tough to force the optimizer to not share an item from a higher priority setup with a lower priority setup. If it scores better… then it will use it, even if the traits or gems/enchants are optimized for a higher priority setup. There really is no reason not to do so that I can think of. Or maybe I am misunderstanding the situation?

There is also an option when you click on a piece of gear to “Exclude this item from Optimizations.” It’s the O with a / through it sign to the right after you click on the slot.

You can set up BiB, then go to your 2nd priority class and Exclude any items that you don’t want it to be using.

Cheers guys ill give that a try