Gear ranking for tanks Brewmaster especially

Hi everyone,

So, this is the second time I do this post:’(.
I have been considering the new gearing strats. I’m a bit confuse by the result.

The approach
For every gearing I’m taking the BiB for my current gear. I should get the result as: “this equipment is probably the current best (within 5%) for this type of content”.
There is too much gearing strategies … And we don’t have a tool to save all of them in game, yet. So, I want to see what should I do where, and if there is crossover, I could just “forget” one of the gearing and not save all of them.
I did change any difficulty for all bosses, exception make for Mythic+, i’ve taken +10 and +15

Let’s compile every result for every boss here:

Every conclusion here are the same, or mostly the same. MM+ gearing is the best for EVERY content. BUT, keep in mind that all the sims don’t have a good difficulty… All are pretty much the same “too easy”. Except Fellhound script, my guess is these gearing isn’t done for this PTR boss.

What I will use
To conclude, I will keep the stuff MM+ 9-17 for mostly every content as a solid tank gear. Then if I want more DPS I’m doing to use Raid hm or MM gearing. This gear, for the current content, is the best for the “tanking part”…

That doesn’t feel right, yeah? Having 4 gearing strat, and keep only 2… (on the 8 usable, if I consider aggressive one as different). If I wanted to get better result I would need to find the breaking point of every gear, using the MM+ level to upgrade the difficulty:
For it I would need to change “Mythic+ Level” and put him as a “Custom batch” Parameter

I could run sims for difficulty from maybe 5 to 12 to find the breaking point, where the death chance if more than 50%.
And have a better, result.

Thanks for your time !

Hum… a found a shell… Will came back

It’s good now, i only forget to set Difficulty for MythicPlus doesn’t change things. (mostly)