Gear Set Indicator from Equipment Manager, not working with AMR?

When I made a set prior to installing AMR, I get a little icon on the piece of gear, color coded for the set it is in. If I had one piece in multiple sets, it had multiple little color coded boxes on the icon.

Since using AMR, I do NOT get that little icon. Even when I resave the set with a different name, I do not get the icon. Only sets saved prior to installing AMR have the icon.

I assume this is the default UI, since I do not have any other equipment addons. Although I am not sure about that : )

My guess is that came from a different addon, and that something is conflicting with it.

I don’t think the default UI does that… but I’m not totally sure.

Okay I figured it out, its LiteBag that does it. It is a very nice feature though, and I think Mr Robot should look into it, because it solves the problem of being able to tell which items are in which set when looking in the bank or inventory. And because they are marked, you won’t sell one by accident.

I disabled Mr Robot, and resaved all my sets, and got the little indicator back on all of them.

I believe the game puts the name of the sets an item is part of into the tooltip by default. I use that when looking at my gear to tell if it is in one of my saved gear sets or not.

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