Gear sets for death knights

I main my blood dk during raids and m+ and use frost or unholy whichever had better dps at the time for questing. According to the Acherus discord with blood dks ilvl is the most important stat. i just did a best in bags and it had me swap my chestplate out for one that is 15 ilvls lower than my current one. 392d342ffcd14db6b2d1bec0359c6888
I have a different gear set for each spec that way I can maximize their utility. Is it possible to have the best in bags use all of the gear instead of just wiping the azerite traits?

EDIT: I should specify I know I can manually configure the gear sets on the website but I was looking for a button to click for it to do it automatically. So if item A is already being recommended for my #1 preferred spec then it would move to the next best for my #2 spec and so on.

Hi ! Amr user here =D
For the first part about your chest being a lower iLvl than expect
First of all in now nothing about dk but i looked and sim it a bit.

So for what i manage to do, it seems you have reach you Toughtness point. Where getting more gear to be “more tough” will give you nothing. After this point, result become a bit fuzy and are in the error margin from each other. So in a pure toughness, both chest are good at the Mythic level +10.
Sims MM+10 - BiB
MM+10 - Better iLvl chest

Now what happen if i up the difficulty level to a +17.

MM+17 - Best Chest
MM+17 - BiB

Here it seems a bit wrong, i’ve remove any limitation for the BiB to select other thing but it doesn’t even in “Full defense”.
Maybe @Swol need to look into it.

In the mean time, it would be a safe bet to lock it in =D

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While it’s generally recommended for Blood Death Knights to value item level above everything else, that’s not as black and white as it sounds. Sure, our azerite traits are generally pretty underwhelming and having more strength, stamina, and armor might be considered more relevant, Heart of Darkness is a pretty decent trait.

Take a look at your two chests for example:

  • Using the higher item level one, you’d gain 171 Strength (i.e. 215 Attack Power and +0.22% Parry), 934 Stamina (i.e. 18680 Health), and 138 Armor.

  • Using the lower item level one, you’d gain 77 of all secondary stats because of Heart of Darkness and another 99 Mastery from Blood Siphon. That amounts to +1.10% Crit (and +0.58% Parry), +1.16% Haste, +4.97% Mastery (and 253 Attack Power), and +0.92% Versatility.

All in all, I’d say that’s not a bad trade - especially when considering how often having 19k additional health would really change anything. Taking a look at some of my most recent raids and mythic dungeons, I’ve been below 20% health maybe a couple times and none of my deaths could have been prevented by another 50k health or so.

Of course, more health increases damage by Twilight Devastation (which is really fun using!) and you might get into situations every now and then where that could help (I’ve just yesterday survived as a tank in classic with exactly 33 health for example :rofl:) but overall I’d rather take all those secondary stats.

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I was coming to pretty much the same conclusion as you! i usually start my sim out at +10 because that is what i do to really warm up before i go to push my own keys. my keys are usually sitting around 13-14. after the +10 sims well i sim the level key i have and BiB it. before i go into a dungeon i sim it thats kind of my general rule of thumb that ive been following.

That is such a good explanation to why one would be considered better than the other thank you so much. I didnt even think HoD would be that strong in that instance but that does make sense. i totally agree with the essence im using for main the increase in secondary stats and loss of such a miniscule amount of hp is a worthy trade because evenif i do go that low most likely my second life will proc.
asashdor I just recently learned from some of my newest friends that I learned how to tank wrong. Is there a source of info other than acherus that oyu would recommend? I am saving up for TD right now!!! cannot wait for it!!

Taking another look, my list of gains may not have been completely accurate - as I’ve included Heart of Darkness, but neglected the stats lost by not using another trait. For your current gear, that would be either Blood Rite (a pretty strong Haste proc, especially if you’re able to extend it by killing enemies or 553 armor from Bones of the Damned) and, of course, the traits on the inner rings will be different. Shouldn’t change too much overall though.

As for resources, there’s not much I can say to that, as I personally try to stay away from class discords as much as possible and just use the readily available guides if I need some advice and combine that with my own experience and research.