Gear sharing options?

I have a question about gearing. I play a druid main spec Restro and off-spec feral. Is it possible for Mr. Robot to NOT use the same piece of gear for multiple sets? So that I can properly enchant and gem and have two FULL sets of gear? Swapping gems and enchants can get expensive after doing that enough times.

I am so sorry I missed this yesterday. Yes! Best in Bags does that automatically - are you using that feature? (If not, and your free trial is over, DM me your username so I can reset the free trial for you).

Here’s how best in bags handles that:

  1. It picks all the best gear for Resto first.
  2. It picks the best gems and enchants for Resto and locks them in.
  3. It looks at gear available for feral, including items that resto is using, but without changing the gems and enchants.

So, let’s say you have Boots of the Awesome at iLevel 235 and resto is using them, and it has a gem slot, so that gets locked with an INT gem. Now let’s say the only other boots you have are iLevel 220, Boots of Okayishness, no gem slots.

Best in Bags will decide if the Boots of Awesome with an INT gem are better than Boots of Okayishness. Of course, the INT gems gives no gains to feral, and the optimizer knows this. But the increased stats from a higher item level MIGHT be better. IF they are, Best in Bags picks that item and tells you NOT to change the gem (bc that would be annoying). Otherwise, if Boots of Okayishness are better, it will tell you to use those.

Did that make sense?

is there a simbot on Mr. Robot that can show me this? Also i am a paid member. it does kinda makes sens.

You mean how to set up best in bags for that? It is automatic. When you first do best in bags, you’ll see your specs listed on the left. That’s the priority order, so set that appropriately. Then when you do best in bags, it optimizes them all as described above.

Then you can export all of those sets to the addon. Here’s a tutorial on the feature: Best in Bags & Upgrade Finder – Ask Mr. Robot