Gear simulation for raid with mythic?

I have a quick question :slight_smile:
If i wanna do a gearing for raid - lets say fallen avatar… Will it have any influence if i set: mythic level and affixes down in more option? :slight_smile:

What spec are you simulating? The affixes won’t affect raid scripts, but the mythic+ level will increase the damage for raid scripts on tank and healing simulations.

I’m simulating a vengeance demonhunter :slight_smile:

The default fallen avatar script is at heroic damage levels. The mythic+ setting can increase that damage. Usually +6 is approximately the increase from heroic to mythic raiding.

The other settings won’t be applicable to a tank simulation.

okay, thank you very much :slight_smile:

You would actually want to use +5 for mythic damage levels now, since they increased the scaling with 7.2.5 on M+ levels.

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