Gear strangely detected (or not)


It is a simple problem but i have it on several characters

For now, it is on my Hunter that i will explain

I have “Waistguard of Devilish Deeds”

The best in slot for my character (with my filters) is “Waistguard of Devilish Deeds”

AMR tells me that i don’t have it and i should get it… but i do

The only difference is this on the bottom of the tooltip in AMR

AMR: 152372
Mine: 152372, Bonus ids: 1472, 3528, 3614

Which i do not understand, they are EXACTLY the same (stats and all, no socket)

Can you help me please ?


Sometimes the versions of items that you get in-game will have different bonus IDs than the version in our pre-generated list of available items. It can be difficult to predict all the bonus ID combinations available in-game for a particular item.

It’s something we’d like to improve in the future, but for now you can just ignore it – if it’s the same item, you’re good, you already have it.