Gear Strategy - Mythic+ 17 Vengeance

Merry Christmas everyone,

I am using AMR for my Demon Hunter and it is saying I have reached toughness threshold for Mythic+ 17 which I cannot believe as I am only 184 ilvl.

Snapshot: 1fa7953bfbdb4d20858c5aa4a2cd000e

Thanks for any help you can provide.

You probably need to get just a little higher item level before the slider starts to kick in – until you are about ilvl190 or so, you can set it to All Defense (TUF) for rankings based on toughness. Anything else will rank mostly based on offense.

Once you get to about ilvl190+, then the slider should give you the ability to fine tune it more. We calibrate the slider around people doing the current tier raid content (so ilvl 195 to 225 or so gear).

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