Gear swapping mess

Is there anyway for when I use the add on to switch specs for it not to tossing my gear the add on is swapping all over my bag? It used to just one for one swap my gear so it stayed nice and organized.

Heehee… I get this, too - it’s probably a legacy of the fix to Artifacts that the pre-patch Weapon switch caused.
Artifacts were a pain that the optimiser didn’t need, in that respect.

With the next round of addon updates, I plan to try and put in a “clean up” step at the end that will attempt to move stuff back to the inventory slots it came from.

As an infrequent poster but long time user of AMR, this is not a small issue to me, I’m debating whether to have to download baggon or just stop using AMR addon, its that annoying to have my gear swap dump my gear all over, especially when accidental scrapping of gear being possible and unrecoverable I believe.

I wouldn’t go that far but it is definitely annoying, any fix will be MOST welcome.

Scrapping is seen as Disenchanting & is reversible with Item Restoration.

Yeah I’m a long time user as well and my bags used to stay clean when using this addon. Not sure why this changed. Anyway I still love the addon, keep up the good work and thanks for the reply

Hoping this update comes soon, you can only retrieve so many errors and this addon has always kept my bags pretty organized.
Do love the addon - it is great !!

Any chance of making this a higher priority? Saw the update to the addon and it still leaves my bags like garbage, everything was fine before, just cause it took a sec or two longer to swap gear was never really an issue.