Gearing Strat Graph Question

Is there any plan on seeing where your Gearing Strat overlays (fits into) the graph that’s displayed when you when you run a Gearing Strat Simulation? Would be nice to see how far to the right your current gearing start fits into other setups at the same iLvL.

Thanks for the the awesomeness of AMR!!

I don’t think I understand exactly what it is you would like to see. The graph that is displayed comes from the gearing strategy that you are using and gets generated when you optimize your gear.

If i did understand corrctly it’s some kind of arrow saying : “your gear is here” on the bar graph

Oh, you mean on the more detailed graph?

Howdy SWOL - yea the graph that get’s created with all of the vertical bars that represent different “builds”. Understand that, at the current iLvL, gearing options, and Stats you would fit into somewhere on that bar graph. Knowing that the further right you go the best “build” would be represented. Would be cool to see how/where your current stat build fits on that graph so you know if your in the middle of the pack per say or closer to the right (hopefully not far left). Hope that makes sense!!

Sienss - correct that would be a good way to sum it up :slight_smile:

Yeah, adding an indicator on that graph should be do-able. We’ll add it to “the list”.

Thanks a bunch for the reply - looking forward to it.