Gearing strat recommending Mastery for Resto Shaman

Hi all,

Can I please get this clarified? Everything I read, including the default gearing strategy on AMR tells me I should be prioritizing Crit. But when I run a gearing strat I get a graph heavily skewed towards Mastery.

Am I doing this wrong?

Thank you in advance.


What gear/talent setup did you have when you ran this? It is possible that mastery could turn out as a good stat for you if you aren’t able to keep the health of your group high in the script. Also, you probably won’t run out of mana in that script, so the mana-saving value of crit is largely worthless.

Could be some talent, i can’t tell for resto but for mist weaver we have some talent that have a huge impact on mastery stats for the gearing solution.