Gearing Strategy 8.2

Please tell me how soon you will open access to the Gearing Strategy for 8.2 ?
This is the most useful tool on this site.
Without this tool, I like without hands :slight_smile:

If you have a custom rotation, you will have to wait for the team to revamp it.

For now you can use the default gearing strategie used in Best in Bag. It’s doing a good job and it will evolv in time with some hot fix from AMR’s team.
Essences, Azerith, trinket are ranked for every specs if you want.

No. I dint have custom rotation. But in practice if i simulate my own profile for talent what i need i get better results then default gearing strategies ( in best in bags). Because i got another machine learning stats cap (more accurate) Orient on time please (Please tell me how soon you will open access to the Gearing Strategy for 8.2 ?)

If you aren’t using a custom rotation the default should work better as it’s got much more data available than what you can get in the old gearing strategy.

I’ve got no idea how long until they work again, a brief forum search found this post indicating that there is extra work needed for them to work again.
Next reset Mythic opens for the new raid, with this reset it would be very unusual if there weren’t some balance changes gathered from the data Blizzard uses from the Heroic runs this reset.
The AMR team will need to adjust things for those changes so the main purpose of the site works well for 99+% of their users.

I’m sure the AMR team would be very interested in what you think the custom gearing strategy did better than the adaptive one, if it’s a significant improvement I’m sure they’d want to incorporate it into the defaults.

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Thx for your answer. :grinning:

I would also be interested to know how long it will take until you can use gearing strategiy.
would be nice if you also got a answer. the post is also already 4 weeks old.

The custom gearing strategies are quite problematic at this point because of the gear in the game.

We are working on an update that adds more customization to the optimizer that might end up being more useful to you than the custom gearing strategies. After that update we can revisit this.