Gearing strategy sim keeps getting stuck


Ive been having problems today running a gearing stratergy. They keep getting stuck at a certain point, and i cant get the sim to progress. Ive tried to run this sim about 6 times today and it keeps getting stuck at different percentages. Ive tried restarting the AMR client, double checking the report code in my brower (sometimes the report code seems to change during a sim), leaving the sim going for 2 hours after getting stuck, restarting my PC and running the program as admin. None of these have worked, and it inevitably gets stuck again.

Running a new sim will work for a while, but it will eventually get stuck somewhere.

Would appreciate any advice on what is causing this and how i can fix it.
Love the service.


Do you have a link to one of the gearing strategy simulations that is getting stuck? Do you get any error messages?

Code of the most recent sim that got stuck at 98%:

Haven’t received any error codes.
Have tried clearing the queue and im starting a new sim now.
New sim code: