Gem and Enchant Thresholds

Minimum Gem and Enchant threshold is 0.25%.

AMR tells me that I should change my +40 crit gem to a + 40 versatility gem AND change my +37 versatility enchant to a +37 crit enchant for a total DPS upgrade of 0.00%

This happens a lot.

Can we have a extra threshold of 0.01% so we don’t have to think whether AMR is recommending things that are costly for no improvement. I know that I can use 0.25%, but that’s 1 extra DPS in every 400. However, 0.01% is one in 10,000. Dat’s gotta be betta :slight_smile:

Or just don’t tell me how to get an upgrade of 0.00%

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Can you post your export string from the addon so that I can try this out? If the threshold is at 0.25% it shouldn’t recommend gem/enchant changes that result in less than a 0.25% DPS upgrade.

OOPS. I see that I wasn’t clear.
The 0.25% threshold works exactly as advertised.

I have the threshold set to “disabled”.

What I was asking was “Can we have a gem/enchant threshold of 0.01%”

When I set the threshold to “disabled” it recommends changes that increase my DPS by 0.00%
I would consider an increase of 0.01% but an increase of 0.00% seems silly.

I realise that your calculation engine works to many more decimal places than 2, hence my request for a threshold of 0.01%

Hmmmm… the more I think about this the sillier I feel. At .01%, my 10,000 damage would become 10,001 - As you say elsewhere, how would it ever matter.

Feel free to ignore all this and accept an apology for wasting your time.
( but I wouldn’t say no to a threshold of 0.01%) :slight_smile: