Gem+Enchant Threshold / Azerite Threshold / In Eternal Palace / Gearing Strategy sim

Hello AMR team. Can u guys explain pls how this functions works? If I completely trust AMR site so can i disable this function for more accuracy and dps or disable this ruin my dps? When gearing strategy worked, I always created my own profile for the talents I needed and turned off this function. It felt like it gave significantly greater accuracy than standard profiles so i could disable Gem+Enchant Threshold / Azerite Threshold. But now. Im really confused because *gearing strategy not work and i forced to use standart profiles (single target / multi target).

For better understand I would like to talk about how I generally use your site.
Step 1. Put import string from addon to site.
Step 2. Go to Best in bags and use standart profile ( for example) single target.
Step 3. Going Simulation part of the site and click test combinations And simulate best single target combo of talents for my character with error rate 0.05% (change this from 0.5% for better accuracy). + optimize pings and other settings how i want.
Step 4. When i got results from your cmd simulation programm Going Simulation part of the site again and click gearing strategy then click load best in begs item setup (so now i can simulate). And simutalte my own profile for single target with best talents from STEP 3. (ofc i correct others settings like ping and buffs, error rate 0.05% again).
Step 5. W8ing sim end… After receiving the results i was absolutely sure that got 99.9% accuracy and optimized settings for for single target for my character.
In practice i got better results then standart profiles. I think like that because error rate in my simulations always 0.05%.
Now i cant use this method coz gearing strategy didnt work for 8.2 so im little confused because i think that with standart profiles i cant got best dps.
Please explain in what moments I am right and in which I was wrong. Thank you in advance.

The thresholds are a convenience to avoid spending a lot of gold on tiny changes. If changing your gems and enchants would result in a change smaller than the threshold, it will leave your current gems and enchanted as they are. If you disable the threshold, it will suggest changes no matter how small.

We recommend using the threshold. With few exceptions, nobody can definitively tell you that a combo of gems that scores or simulates 0.1% better will actually be better in a real game situation. No theoretical model of the game is that accurate.

The main exception would be e.g. a +50 gem is always better than a +40 gem. But for many people that difference is so small it is not worth the cost.

With respect to custom gearing strategies, we plan to get those working again soon. But a note on those: if you are using our provided rotation and boss scripts, a custom strategy will never be better than our provided strategies.

Our provided strategies use the same statistical techniques, but a lot more data. Custom strategies are also very specific to the gear you had equipped when you ran it. Change a talent? Won’t work anymore. Change major essence? Won’t work. Change azerite traits or a trinket? Probably won’t work well anymore.

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