Gem from glove socket not reflected in the optimizer


Hello, the gloves on my character are not reflecting the gem that’s currently socketed and AMR is suggesting a gem of a lower quality than what is currently equipped. It’s showing as an empty socket in the optimizer. I’m not sure if this is only limited to the glove slot or the particular gloves I have equipped. I have a socket in one of my rings that is displaying correctly.

Thanks for your time, it’s much appreciated.


I’ve noticed both issues. For gems, all of my sockets but one show as empty. For the gem of lower quality, look at the gem quality in setup. On mine, it had changed the default from epic to rare.

Which gem should it think is in your glove?

All my gear has gems but don’t seem to be showing up either.

Could you do a couple things for me to help track this down:

  1. post the addon string that you are copying from the game to the website
  2. tell me what gem should be showing up in one or two of your items where it is showing blank
  3. in-game, try going to the bank and opening it for a second or two, then activate each of your specs once, then export again – does that make a difference?

We just updated the site with a change that should resolve the issue of gems not being imported from the in-game addon. You will need to re-import your character, and then they will show up.

You do not need to update the addon for this fix.

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It seems to be working now thanks <3

Working on my toon as well. Thanks!