Gems & BiS questions

Hi AMR team!

My current sitch revolves around gems and sockets. I cant seem to figure out how to get AMR to show me BiS items if the current item i have has a season 1 socket on it. Unless of course i choose heroic raid or m15+ vault as gearing options. If i click the gem and choose remove gem and re optimize, it simply adds the gem back in. Perhaps im doing something wrong with that?

My fix has been to exclude the existing item and re optimize. Which works so far except for one item. ilvl226 neck item “Sin Stained Pendant”. I just cannot find the darn item in any list no matter what options i choose.

If you set gem quality to none in the BiB setup does that work?
I have a feeling it will leave the gem in there because you have a gem in it, but it’s worth a try.