Gems missing still


Please add crafted Gems, remove gems that aren’t in game.

Adding crafted most important since we can exclude the gems/enchants not in game.

  • Crimson Sun
  • Stone of Blades

Probably more, but those are the 2 discrepancies I can see.

Dunno why this got overlooked. We pay monthly, so your effort to improvement should be monthly or give me back my lifetime sub? I pay the monthly fee for TBC, not retail, and I paid extra for TBC on top of that… so you got paid more than the retail people pay and provide shittier service?

I don’t mean to be a dick, but I stopped complaining about this shit at the start of TBC Classic under the impression that you folks were just swamped with the retail update happening relatively close to TBC Classic launch, and would get back to proper optimization afterwards… that clearly hasn’t been the case.

We do have those gems, but looks like they are flagged as phase 4. The phase information is a bit difficult to find sometimes because it wasn’t part of the original TBC, so we have to do it manually or go by whatever sources we can find on the web, and sometimes those aren’t correct either.

If you ever find items with the wrong phase assignment just let us know, we’ll update it. Are there any other gems that you think might be flagged incorrectly?

You mention some gems that aren’t in the game – could you give me examples?