General Feedback

What happened to AMR? It used to function so cleanly and easily. Now it’s like trying to read and understand radio instructions written in Swahili. I tried the addon and getting things from online to the addon or vice versa was so much of a headache that I just deleted the addon. Current gear never shows up anyway online and I haven’t seen the trusty option to reload the character. Looks and feels like AMR was touched by greedy corporate hands that give you very little unless you’re willing to pony up the money to pay for something that you’ll only ever use on occasion just to check your math or if you’re torn between two pieces of gear and you need a tiebreaker. I believe AMR may be looking at a downfall by way of overestimating it’s worth.

If you give some more specifics, we can help you out with anything you are having trouble with.

We have all of the same features that we had in Legion – the same free features are still free, the same premium features are still premium. Is there something you are having a hard time finding? Happy to point you in the right direction.

The addon is definitely the best way to update your character reliably. To load from the armory instead, click on your character name, and use the region/realm/name inputs and press “IMPORT” to load latest armory data for a character.

Why would you only use AMR to check if your own math is correct?
Computers and servers a a million times better than humans at mathematics, once I found AMR, I stopped doing my own math within a month. Every time I was correct, so was AMR. Every time AMR didn’t agree with me, my math was flawed or I forgot something.

Also, the features like Best in Bag, are not a thing you use barely. I use them every evening after I get a few other items, to see which are better. I don’t check the potential traits, I don’t try to reason about secondary stats (especially not since there never been a way to mass collect 2 of them and ignore the rest, that never actually worked…). I just let AMR calculate half a million different options in less than a second and have it pick the mathematical best option.

I min-max like a hardcore raider, in less than 3 minutes, with 0 effort, every evening.
For 12 dollars a year, that is more than worth it and it is certainly not greedy that they ask for a dollar a month to do so much calculations for us.

TBH, I would pay 2-3 times as much if that was the price… (Mind you I am a poor student)
But were lucky, it actually is this cheap :smiley: