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Hey there Mr. Robot community!

I’ve been fiddling around with as many options as I can find, but I’ve run into a problem that I can’t seem to solve so here I am and here’s the issue. I’ve been using gearing strategies to get stat spreads for multiple characters and specs, and I would like to use those to set up gear lists for varying difficulties. I would like to be able to pick out the best gear I can get from either mythics or Uldir, but my character has multiple items that are better than what’s available, and the generic characters all start with Ilvl 370 gear. Is there a way to change the baseline gear on either my character or a generic character so that the search will then look for upgrades at the ilvl 340 range? If not, can the generic character item level be reduced to like 300 so that we can do just that? I’m not necessarily caring what upgrades I specifically need; I would like to basically set up a gear model of what pieces would be good to aim for on any character being leveled up, but it’s hard to do that when I don’t have all the characters maxed out yet or when I have to work retroactively.

Thanks for any input you all have!

Just use the addon to export your gear and run BiB. You can look at the upgrade finder too.

If you’re not max level yet it isn’t all that important, you can just go with highest ilvl for the vast majority of cases. Occasionally there are exceptions but an export and quick BiB will show you what to put on.
The levelling time was so short, even if you only quest and read/watch all the RP, that the gear you wear doing it won’t matter.

Hello and thank you for your input, Cluey!

This sort of method is what I normally do when I’m looking for upgrades for myself, but unfortunately, that’s not what I’m hoping to accomplish. For instance, I have several pieces of gear on my character that outstrip the parameters that I am searching under as shown below.

When I attempt to replace a piece of that gear with lower item level gear and reoptimize, if I leave the gear that I replaced alone and simply shows me what I already have equipped. If I lock a piece in place, then it defeats the purpose of optimizing stats by gear piece and would cause me to have to run several iterations of gear swaps in order to find the correct pieces that fit in the desired slot.

I already have a max level character, and gearing while leveling for me has been essentially take the better item level piece as that is the simplest method, and as you said, the gear for leveling doesn’t really matter. What I aim to do is create a baseline model of gear that are good options for people to aim for once hitting the level cap.

Thanks again, and I hope this clears up any unclear information my first post made!

I should add that the function I’m looking for was a part of the Ask Mr. Robot site during it’s previous version in Legion, where you could import a generic character at around 840 ilvl gear and then optimize it up to current level material.

Initially the template characters were 340 ilvl, I noticed the change too.

It sounds like you’re trying to write generic gearing advice for a situation which has too many variables, this is the reason the AMR team made this website. Countless hours have gone into making it and it’s still being improved on. Your readers would be better off if you told them what you use to help them is AMR and they can use it too.

It reads like you’re also using the premium features of Mr Robot so others can avoid using the premium features. Which is wrong.

A couple things to note here:

I am not at all attempting to use premium features for others; I actually do not currently even have a premium account, so I only make use of the Best in Slot option and the Gearing Strategy simulations utilizing the client, so I could not use the features even if I wanted to. In no way am I attempting to breach any kind of terms of service, and I do know the difference between right and wrong, in spite of being a member of the internet.

Again, this was a helpful feature of AMR that was previously present (including the changing of a piece of equipment and reoptimizing) but is no longer. If there is an easy way around this, for instance just setting all of my current gear to 310 level pieces and then having it show me what the best upgrades are utilizing the non-premium feature, I would love to know what that is or how to do it. All I am doing is looking for a way to set the baseline gear of a character lower than what mythics currently offer, or to set a piece of gear to something that I don’t actually have equipped in a manner that then allows me to search for gear that makes use of the stat priorities the client and my processor have come up with. This was exactly what the previous iteration of the website was capable of doing, so I’m not looking for anything new.

Finally, I have described to many people that I play with how to use the website, after all the whole teach a man to fish adage has its roots in truth, yet I enjoy taking time to optimize characters and set goals for my friends. Sometimes, telling them to use this website, however, is like telling them to operate a an automobile when they have never driven a day in there life. Sure, “Use this website” is a good direction to set them on, but if they have no idea how it work the darn thing, they don’t necessarily need to spend the months that I have learning all the ins and outs of the thing in order to use it proficiently if I can give them a head start.

We use the generic characters a lot for our own testing and stuff, and we find it convenient to have them at a level relevant to current content.

If I’m reading it correctly, you could do what you want to do by simply loading an actual character wearing low-level gear.

That is exactly what I’m looking for Yellowfive; I loved that aspect of the prior rendition, and I was just hoping the developers might consider putting in a basic set of 300 or so level gear as a baseline. That generic character generator is super helpful for a starting point when planning what dungeons and such to run for future characters hitting max level. Applying the lower level gear is absolutely workable, yet tedious if I wanted to do that for each class. That would essentially require having each class at max level, which is a mean feat even for the most dedicated. I understand that putting that kind of template in is its own job, so for now it’s just a “It would be nice if you guys could do something like this,” kind of thing.

As an aside, you fellas and ladyfellas have done an outstanding job with this resource, and the gearing strategy simulations with the client have been a thing that I’ve been taking large advantage of.

I can see the mileage in a ‘fresh ding L120’ generic character option – with crafted blue quality iL300 gear (optimal stat. ‘of the’, ideally) – but I also get that the uptake might not be widespread enough to warranty creating them.

When you load a character, if you click the “hamburger” icon to the left of the character name/icon, you can change the player’s level, talents, etc. You could load a low-level character and just modify it to be a 120 character. Yeah would be a little more tedious than having some more generic character templates, but I think that would get you what you want without being too bad.

I can put on the list for the future to bring back multiple generic character types per spec.

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THIS. This is actually a great fix that I didn’t realize was there. Thanks so much for pointing this out.