Generic characters

Hey ! Still a huge fan of AMR.

Was wondering, will you “update” your generic character ? I find them useful to do a quick comparaison without loading one of my characters !

I mean, they dont have Eternal Palace stuff equipped ! It would be great to have them around iLvL 440 !

Thank you :slight_smile:

We’ll update them for 8.3 to have roughly heroic-level Ny’alotha gear equipped.

And… huh, I guess the live site has the pre-8.2 generic characters! Whoops. We have Eternal Palace heroic generic characters that we use on our test servers, but I guess they never got published to the live site.

Okay haha !
Thanks for your answer ! Can’t wait to use them, I find them pretty useful as I said :smiley:

Ooopsie…?! :stuck_out_tongue: