Getting almost half of AMR guide's predicted ST DPS against dummy


I would be really grateful if someone can help me figure this out because I am confused and shocked beyond reason. I am using the talents and gear shown via the code above (Fire and Brimstone is just for Tyrannical M+ and it’s part of my import on the guide anyway), and I imported that setup to the AMR Destruction guide, and it predicted anything from 11.15k to 12.33k DPS against a single target. I’ve just embarrassed myself in a +15 run after doing less overall damage than the tank, who wasn’t that much above my Warlock in iLvl, despite doing more damage in the first boss fight. So, I’ve gone to Stormwind, used the rotation in the AMR Destruction guide almost religiously against Raider’s Training Dummy (Havoc on the same dummy when available, no cleaving), easily following the ABC rule (always be casting), and so on, and my DPS was 7k!

Stationary, barely any variables, and nothing to distract me from using the rotation, and without even testing for too long after popping the Infernal, and all I could pull was 7k DPS!

I use Loggerhead, and upload private logs to Warcraft Logs, but I don’t know how I can log a fight against a target dummy. I understand that showing you some data, beyond just saying I used the rotation and produced 7k, would probably help a lot, and I’m happy to do whatever’s needed to help you help me figure this out, so please let me know what I can do to bring you some data.

And I also hope that you may be able to see something on your end to confirm that there’s nothing wrong with AMR guide’s simulator or anything like that. Or, heck, is the game itself bugged somehow? I’m just really at a loss here.

And I’m obviously not talking about producing the same damage in a dungeon or even a real raid boss fight; I understand that such things will have too many variables and are more about skills, mechanics knowledge, and so on, coaching rather than data stuff. I’m strictly talking about the DPS produced against a target dummy in this post.

Thank you.

With your current gear, on a training dummy, with no consumables/raid buffs… your theoretical DPS would be like this:

If you’re doing a lot less… hard to say without logs. I’m usually able to match the numbers in the simulator on my warlock.

(If you are playing destruction/demonology… necrolord would be way better, imo. It’s the only covenant with an ability that has good synergy.)

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Ok, yeah, those numbers’ percentages match what I saw on Details! to a great extent. For example, indeed 42% of my total damage came from Chaos Bolt. The order might’ve been different after that, though. I think Conflagrate came higher for me.

And despite 8.7k still being significantly higher than my 7k, I would not have posted anything if I saw such a difference, and would’ve chalked it up just to some personal lack of knowledge and skills or something like that. However, yeah, seeing a 12k potential being a 7k in practice almost depressed me or made me feel that there’s a bug or something. :joy:

Thank you very much for sharing this target-dummy data with me, Swol. It does help a lot. I’m really grateful.

And yes, I’m keeping a close eye on the guide’s recommended talents and covenants. I’m just collecting various covenant appearance sets and also hitting 80 on all of them to do some further comparison testing in the future.

And by way of that, something that inspired me to do this testing is an observation on my Survival Hunter. I noticed that without a 2pc or 4pc tier set, my iLvl 260-ish Survival Hunter was producing significantly more DPS in Mythic+ as a Necrolord, rather than as as a Night Fae, as is recommended on the AMR Survival Hunter guide, or a Kyrian, as is recommended on Icy Veins. Icy Veins’s guide, last I checked a couple of weeks ago, even claims that Necrolord is very weak for a Survival Hunter and should never be taken. At the time, I said to myself that maybe both AMR and IV guides are written with the tier sets in mind, and not having at least a 2pc is skewing my own data. And by the way, most of my DPS in an M+ consistently comes from the Necrolord’s ability “Explosive Shot.” And the nice thing about Necrolord for Survival Hunter, as opposed to Night Fae or Kyrian, is that the Surv Hunter Necrolord covenant ability does not depend on the tank keeping mobs on top it; it hits mobs wherever they are and even if they’re moving, and it has a short cooldown, so can be used in many more trash packs.

I mean, you have Necrolord as the 2nd recommended multi-target covenant for the Survival Hunter on the AMR guide, but its bar is yellow. My experience tells me that it easily deserves a green bar, and it was producing significantly more DPS for me as I said, sometimes up to 50% more! Necrolord is also in the last position and it’s yellow for single target scenarios on the AMR guide, but I also tested it against a target dummy and compared it to at least two other covenants, and Necrolord still came out on top against the raider’s target dummy, but not my much.

Moreover, a Survival Hunter guildie of mine, similarly geared, also noticed that I was doing significantly more damage than him in an M+ when he was Kyrian, and asked me about Explosive Shot, because it was the top source of my damage, so I explained its link to the Necrolord covenant ability. He switched after that Mythic+ run and we did another M+ run together with nothing having changed for him other than switching from Kyrian to Necrolord and he produced almost the same total damage as me and maybe slightly more. So, this wasn’t just happening to me only.

I’m sharing all this as feedback for your consideration, in case it can help improve the guides somehow.

Swol, I figured out how to log a target dummy fight.

Here’s a log I just recorded. And here’s the YouTube video of the fight, in case this helps. And this is the AMR Training Dummy - Ranged DPS simulation for this character.

The AMR sim predicted about 8.8k DPS. My average real-time DPS was about 7.2k as you can see in the video.

Any thoughts on this? This is 18% less DPS than the theoretical. I’m not sure if this is a normal difference between theoretical and real DPS, especially with the character stationary and against a target dummy.

That log is private, so I can’t view it.

Apologies. I have made it unlisted now. :blush:

I forgot to write my update as a reply to you!

Swol might have limited internet access for about a week, but he will get back to you when he can!

No problem. Thank you for letting me know, yellowfive. I appreciate it.