Getting frustrated with AMR lately

I have been having issues off and on for quite some time now with using AMR for alts. Mostly when they are not max level and/or that do not have artifacts for every spec. When I first started using AMR it was great for alts as it allowed me to easily manage gear sets for each of my alts specs, with no real effort. Not necessarily ideal gearing in every aspect, but quite adequate to maintain correct primary/secondary stats in each slot and maximize iLvl for leveling and running 5 man dungeons.

Over time though the usefulness of AMR for alts has been constantly getting worse. First by recommending to equip single items in both trinket or both ring slots. Then failing to recognize non-artifact weapons, and/or making horrible gear recommendations in general if no artifact is equipped. (For example recommending Int gear over Agi gear for a rogue)

For awhile I was able to work around this by locking specific gear slots to override 1 ring/trinket recommended in two slots, force the use of heirloom gear, force the use of the correct primary stat or to force a non-artifact weapon to show up instead of just seeing empty weapon slots recommended. Now I have a new demon hunter and even using the lock option I can’t get it to stop recommending the same ring in both ring slots, or to keep my heirloom gear equipped for the exp bonuses.

Each of these things alone are minor frustrations, but taken together and the fact that these issues seem to be getting worse rather than better has me questioning whether or not I want to maintain my subscription.

Have you just given up entirely on supporting alts under AMR unless they are lvl 102+ with all artifacts obtained?

We have never officially supported optimizing any character that is not max level.

We do try to make the site not give errors for low level characters, but we don’t put any effort into optimizing them. All of the gearing strategies are not valid for characters that are not max level anyway. You should just use heirlooms and highest ilvl gear you get.

The double ring issue is probably a missing bonus id in the item data. We can probably fix that prett easy if you tell us the item that is causing the problem.

I thought that I had fixed the issue with equipping two of the same item for low-level characters… if you want to post your addon export string, I can take a look and check it out.