Glancing Blow - Off Hand Weapon

It appears that the upgrade finder for warriors does not take into account impact of weapon skill on damage reduction for glancing blows on off-hand attacks. It does appear that weapon skill is taken into account for mainhand attacks.

I can’t tell if this means that glancing blows are not calculated as occurring on offhand hits, or the damage reduction is just not correctly modified by weapon skill.

Edit: Made it clearer what I think is happening.

Edit 2: Snapshot ID: be62ca3494f94f7587b77531c99cf19e

Try it now - I found one place where the main hand glance multiplier was getting used in the code instead of off hand.

This change is not on the live site yet – it will go into the next update, I’ll try to do that later today sometime.

Looks like the update fixed it in b03efe86b5864c82adc397f5a2c6209c. Thanks for the quick turnaround!

Yep, forgot to follow up – did a small update yesterday with this fix.