Glitch: suggesting 2x Leviantan's Eye of Intellect?

Today mrRobot suggested to get a Leviatan’s Eye of Intellect in my weapon while I already had one in another piece of gear.

I expect that one of them should have been the lesser Kraken’s Eye of Intellect

If you press the “help” link next to the big Best in Bags section header, you can create a support snapshot and post the ID here. With that, we can try your exact case and see what’s up.

snapshot ID: d63cd55ecd094c8883d11391990726f3

Something unusual is going on with your setup… could you try the following:

  1. Go in-game, and open your bank – leave it open for a couple of seconds – then close it.
  2. Activate each of your specs in-game once.
  3. Open the AMR addon and export your gear to the website.
  4. Re-optimize.

Does that resolve the issue? If not, could you post another snapshot like you did before?