Global Network tasks?

I just recently came back to WoW and been using AMR again, and I’m really impressed by all the stuff you guys have added and improved!

I’m a sucker for distributed computing, so I figured I would set up the amr client to run all day by default, with the global network enabled. But it doesn’t seem to ever receive any tasks? Is that because you aren’t running anything right now, or am I misunderstanding something about what the use case is?

My account page does confirm seeing the client.

Well, as fate would have it apparently just posting about it solved the problem. It’s now processing tasks! Strange, I didn’t change anything compared to the last couple of days.

It would be cool to have some kind of activity indicator in the client, an activity log or something like that - right now my only real indication is the account page, or opening a task manager to look at CPU usage.

It should say in the client, “Running global network sim (your own sim will cancel this)…”

And yeah the global network wasn’t active while I was working on fixing up some of our servers that were having trouble. It will be running pretty consistently for the next couple weeks as we add Antorus stuff. Sometimes it might stop working for a few hours here and there while we process the results or do website updates.

In a future version we’ll probably have a bit more feedback right in the client, and a central place on the website that lets people know what is running on it. All on the todo list!

That clears things up a bit, thanks!

I’ll get this running on my NAS I think, it’s awesome that you have a linux version too. Before you know it, you’ll be like BOINC :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah I love the .net framework, and now with .net core it can actually run cross-platform, so hopefully a lot more people who are dedicated to the whole linux stack will start to enjoy the benefits of it!

Yeah in theory BOINC can serve as a platform for all sorts of stuff, but it seemed kind of difficult to integrate with it, and it was unclear if it was only academic projects.