Gloves of Incomparable Beauty

Rogue assassin
AMR insists that Gloves of Incomparable Beauty i430 are better than both my i455 (crit mastery) and i460 (versa mastery) gloves. Not just a bit better, 1.86% DPS better. Is the passive effect on the i430 gloves really that good?

We can take a look at your specific case to give a detailed answer: click the “help” link next to the big Best in Bags section header, then in the window it pops up, click Create Support Post. Copy the snapshot ID that it generates here, and we can use it to see your exact setup.

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Oh cool, I didn’t notice that feature. Thanks :slight_smile:

So when I test this, those gloves perform more or less the same as your current gloves – you could go with whichever you prefer. I’ll look into why it ranked so high and adjust it. Though it’s possible/likely the optimizer will still choose it for you, it’ll just show like… a 0.2% increase instead of 1.8%.

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Thank you for the help yellowfive :slight_smile:

They’re showing up as BiS for me as 435’s, the only ones higher is the mythic version of the same gloves.

I haven’t updated it yet.