Goblin Rocket Launcher Not showing up

Trying to force Goblin Rocket Launcher as my trinket since its my main pull ability but its not coming up even when clicking on trinket and searching as a prot pala.

I also enabled jewlcrafting and engineering as my professions

I think it fell below our item level cutoff for the standard item lists… I can add it to the list manually though.

yea its one of the things prot palas use to pull when they go the sanc aura route and give up avengers shield.


this is still not showing up for me when i try to manuall select it in the bis section

Can you make it where you can equip two of these? they are not unique and can be both equipped if chosen to

It is not flagged as unique in our item data, so you should be able to equip two of them if you wish.