Good Metrics Pose Questions

I understand that AMR has trillions of simulations and that some comparisons make little sense given different conduit or gear choices.

Nevertheless, as I try to optimize my two characters and see things like 5250 dps for a Death Knight running Mythic+ on 188 gear or 6788 dps for a Demon Hunter running Mythic+ on 206 gear I wonder how does this compare to other Demon Hunters (or Death Knights) with similar gear scores on Mythic?

I notice that Warcraftlogs posts their ‘all star’ list on their front page showing top healers, tanks and dps from the logs they digest. Might I recommend that AMR consider publishing top 100 lists for DPS, Healing, or Tank based on its simulations (perhaps given an equipment range)? I believe it would be useful, but would the work to accomplish this be too much?

Afterall, there is nothing more irritating than a good example.

We have this information in a general way on the guide pages for talents and covenants. We haven’t wanted to put up any sort of actual “stack rank” because we find those to be generally misleading unless you were to give ALL the context that went into it, which ends up being difficult to do in any sort of succinct manner.