Grandiose Armor Kit - which item next?

Not sure where this is supposed to be posted, so I’ve posted it here (as it directly relates to my Paladin, but may be useful for other Classes); is there a way to factor Grandiose Armor kits into Upgrade searching, to see if a) they’re worth doing WQ for & b) which items I should use them on to upgrade any sub-870 slotted gear I still have left (yes, some of us still do :blush:)…?

I only ask, as if I set Class Set to 870, it works on ALL pieces being 870 when some of the ones I have are still at base iL.

Thanks, in advance… and apologies if I posted in the wrong section

Looks like a small amount of tweaking has shown what I thought was the case to be wrong… the Upgrade finder DOES work the way I wanted it to, I maybe wasn’t setting stuff correctly :relieved: