Great essence best in bags and all essences in simclient

can’t you change something with the essences?
first of all at best in bags, why do you have to choose a big essence? why can’t he make all combinations himself, even the big ones?
second, in the simulator you have to choose every essence individually, can’t you make a choice for all combinations like in the gear?


You can do a batch simulation with a set of essence options, just like talents or azerite traits.

The estimated number of combinations required is generally much too large, but when the simulations actually run, it behaves sensibly and only does each valid combination of essences once.

Choosing a Major Essence is on the same level as choosing talents. We decided to make talents and major essence inputs for the optimizer. They change how the game plays/feels substantially and can be highly situational. The optimizer picks gear around those choices that you make.

If you want a general idea of the relative power for talent/major essence choices, you can look at the talent section in our guide pages.

In general, if you are willing to optimizer your gear and play around a particular talent/essence combo, they are all pretty close together. There are a few outliers, but outliers are still within 5-10% at most. Almost all choices of talent and major essence have the potential to perform within 5% of each other.